Getting and using a rocket

Space Exploration

Space exploration is a crucial aspect of gameplay on NationsGlory. It allows you to discover new worlds, new resources, and many other novelties!

To reach one of the planets, you'll need a rocket that you must craft.

Obtaining Your Rocket

Your country must be at level "Industry - 8" to manufacture it.

To obtain it, you need to gather large quantities of resources and use a crafting station. The crafting station enables you to craft certain complex elements and has a dedicated tab for space manufacturing. To craft your rocket, you'll first need to craft 1 Vulcan engine and 4 propellant engines.

Crafting Station

However, merely gathering the components is not enough. You must first reach level 4 in the engineering skill! Then, you can manufacture your rocket!

Using Your Rocket

The planets available and accessible with your rocket are the Moon, Mars, and Edora. Initially, you can only travel to the Moon and Mars. To take off, you'll need to fill your rocket with fuel using the fuel loader and prepare your launch platform.

Rocket Launch Pad 9Launch base for the rocket
Fuel loader 1Loads fuel into the rocket
Fuel Pipe Not specifiedTransports fuel between machines
Liquid tank 1 (containing at least 12.5% of fuel, i.e., 250L)Supplies fuel to the rocket
Rocket 1Transport



The tank is useful when it contains 1000L/2000L of fuel that the rocket will use.
The output (red side) of the tank must be connected to the input (green side) of the fuel loader, using pipes. Once done, the fuel from the tank will gradually transfer to the fuel loader. The bar in the fuel loader's interface will gradually fill up.

How much fuel do I need per planet?

PlanetFuel Required for One Takeoff

Once your rocket is loaded with fuel, it's simple. Place your rocket on the ground and choose which planet you want to go to.

Now it's time to upgrade your rocket to travel to Edora.

Upgrading Your Rocket

As mentioned earlier, you are required to upgrade your rocket to travel to Edora. To do this, you must build an upgrade in the crafting station with materials.

Cargo Rocket

During your space exploration, you'll need to bring your stuff back to Earth and vice versa. For this, you can manufacture a cargo rocket, which will allow you to transit items between the planet you are on and Earth.

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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