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NationsGlory Rules (CODEX)

Welcome to the Codex, this page of the WIKI gathers the rules valid throughout NationsGlory.


1.1 Your NationsGlory account is strictly personal
- Selling, stealing, giving, or sharing an account is prohibited. Additionally, you are limited to 4 accounts per IP/Household (including siblings, accounts must be divided among them).

Each player is responsible for their account. As we provide the necessary tools for securing it (Double Authentication), we do not refund items in case of intrusion.

1.2 Forbidden alternative shop and Shop scam prohibited.
It is forbidden to offer in-game items or money for real money and to force a player to make a purchase on the shop. Additionally, it is prohibited to scam someone through the store.

1.3 Respect for others on all our platforms
- It is prohibited to make racist, xenophobic, homophobic, discriminatory, insulting remarks, or to make threats (hacking, piracy, ...) or any type of statement contrary to French law. Insults and personal attacks are also punishable.
- The disclosure of personal information (Dox) and the dissemination of links and content with bad intentions are prohibited, especially advertisements for other Minecraft servers.
- Mild provocations are allowed in the game but must not exceed the limits of respect. Harassment is not tolerated.

1.4 Cheating is prohibited
- Cheating, usebug, and cheats (Duplication, xRay, SpeedHack, PVP Assistance, FARM, or other, Anti-Afk, F3 entities, ...) are prohibited.
- Any technique allowing to see through one or more blocks is considered xRay.
- Forcing verification via screen sharing can be penalized, as it infringes on privacy.

1.5 Anti-gameplay is prohibited
- Anti-gameplay will be defined by the server administrators. They have the possibility to adapt the sanction according to the case and the context.

1.6 Prohibition of bypassing a sanction
- A sanction must not be bypassed (via double accounts, ...).
- Players sharing the same household/IP address may be considered as a single player in case of sanction on one of them.

1.7 New players tolerance (48h)
- New players are entitled to a 48-hour tolerance period of gameplay (interservers). Understand here, unfair play towards a new player is punished, and they cannot be a trigger for wars.


2.1 Item stacking
Items that are not supposed to be stacked (e.g., energy drinks, etc.) should not be stacked.

2.2 Blocking a Nether portal is prohibited
You must leave room for players to exit so they can execute a command.

2.3 Forbidden to develop a country in the End and the Nether
These dimensions are regularly reset, they are only available for resource map purposes, so it is forbidden to claim them and store resources there.

2.4 Unfenced spawners are prohibited
You must contain the spread of mobs.

2.5 Intentional map griefing is prohibited
It is forbidden to build towers/stakes/traps or anything to elevate oneself, NPCs are available in capitals to distribute dirt and sand.
Massively dropping items on the ground in server spawns is not tolerated.

2.6 Oil and gas must be harvested only in a country
It is forbidden to store or collect oil and gas in the wilderness.

2.7 Automatic devices are prohibited
Automatic redstone systems are prohibited as well as automated farms. For these reasons, potion machines are limited to a frequency of 1 click per 3 potions.

2.8 Prohibited to load multiple zones
Using multiple accounts to keep chunks or any other entities/zones loaded is prohibited.

2.9 Your presence on Mars must be justified with the presentation of a rocket
Therefore, it is impossible to have 2 people for 1 rocket on Mars or the Moon (for servers not having the lunar project and Bedrock servers).

2.10 Back safe is prohibited
Entering a protected zone (safezone, spawn, continent warps) while in combat is prohibited.

2.11 PvP is prohibited during the UN
During the United Nations of each server (timings are specific to each server), combat is prohibited.

2.12 Rules applicable in Warzone
- It is forbidden to come there without stuff (you must have a complete armor equipped).
- It is forbidden to use a parachute there.

2.13 The /back no stuff is prohibited
Teleporting back after death is prohibited without stuff, full stuff is necessary (even outside of assault).

2.14 Access to event/staff zones map is prohibited
If your presence is not authorized (events...), you should not be there.

2.15 Staff Member

2.15.1 Contacting and respecting the Staff
It is possible to contact moderation via the forum, Teamspeak, Discord, and directly on the servers via ticket (ESC menu). However, moderators are not "teleporters" or "exchangers" (in order to secure your actions), you have commands available to move (/warps, /spawn...).

2.15.2 Killing a staff member in the line of duty is prohibited.
They are recognizable by their green and black armor as well as the "On Duty" tag above their head.

2.15.3 Moderation is trustworthy
A moderator or guide is not allowed to scam, betray, or lack fair play, regardless of the game server.

2.16 Companies

2.16.1 Betrayals and scams are prohibited within companies
Understand that casino machines must be honest (the given indications must correspond to reality).

2.16.2 It is forbidden to bypass company limits
Especially with your alternate account (alternate account acting as a loan guarantor in a bank, accumulation of trading contracts, etc...).

2.16.3 Location of company machines
Company machines must be located within the claims of the company leader (Except for casinos where gains are money and not items).


3.1 Country limits
- You can only be the leader of one interserver country.
- It is forbidden as a chief/officer to own a second country on the same server with these ranks/permissions.
- Access to more than one bank is prohibited.

3.2 Kick-kill is prohibited
It is forbidden to kick a player from your country and kill them within 10 minutes of their kick (Tolerance is accepted in case the kicked player initiates combat).

3.3 Minimum creation days
It is allowed to sell/buy a country only if it has a minimum of 7 days of creation.

3.4 Some betrayals are prohibited
Betrayal by fire (fire, lighter, lava), or by explosive is prohibited. It will be subject to a reason for war (like any betrayal), a fine, and a refund.

3.5 Bunkers on the Moon / Mars are prohibited.
Storing stuff on the Moon and Mars is prohibited. It is also advisable to familiarize yourself with the bunker rules of your server.

3.7 Claims

3.7.1 Claim rules: Basic
- It is forbidden to dissociate a claim from its country.
- Regardless of location and dimension, claim lines must be at least 3 claims thick.
- It is forbidden to claim the dimensions of the End and the Nether.

3.7.2 Claim rules: Military
- It is forbidden to remove all claims from your country to overclaim (overlap) another country.
- It is forbidden to completely encircle a country, you must leave a space of 3 claims in width for it to expand.
- It is forbidden to use war claims on a planet other than Earth

3.7.3 If a country is expelled from its original territory
If it owns conquered territories, it can establish itself there. Otherwise, it has 1 week to reclaim its original land (it may be exceptionally allowed to use redmatters to defend itself).

3.7.4 If a country loses territorial conquest conditions
- It has a 14-day period to resolve the issue (full build...) before losing it.
- If it loses its conditions due to overclaiming using war claims, it does not lose its full build status until they cover more than half of the country.

3.7.5 Conquest declaration
It is mandatory to declare a territorial expansion and an expansion abandonment to the staff so that they can configure country creation. In general, it is forbidden to expand beyond imposed borders (in bedrock) without staff approval.

3.8 Country construction

3.8.1 UNESCO program limits
You can only have 5 UNESCO-protected buildings per country, and the total of weekly scholarships cannot exceed $30,000.

3.8.2 Notation rules
- Architectural ratings take place by the OPs every week from Saturday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59, please indicate the coordinates of your recent constructions at your /f home with signs to avoid them being ignored.
- Stealing a player's constructions without their consent equates to an architectural rating of 0, even when recreating a country while keeping the old builds.

3.8.3 Anti-missile constructions
Non-roleplay constructions in the air to counter missiles are prohibited.

3.8.4 Territorial expansion
Your territory must be 100% occupied and built before you can expand to another country. The 100% build must be validated by an OP before expanding.

3.8.5 Autonuke is prohibited
Launching a missile/or any other form of explosive on your own country is prohibited except for decorative purposes and after validation by an administrator during the UN meeting (every weekend).

3.8.6 Your items must be in one place
Your entire wealth (money/stuff...) must be stored on your main account (backpack, enderchest, inventory, bunker...) in one country or in the wilderness if you don't have one.
The main account is the one with the most permissions in a country.
For ranked alternate accounts, it is allowed to store only in the backpack.

3.8.7 Prohibited protection blocks
It is forbidden to use chiseled/slabs obsidian, enchantment tables, anvils, or enderchests for protection purposes (bunkers, entire country...).
Classic obsidian is also prohibited for protection purposes (excluding bunkers).

3.8.8 Minimum build for firing missiles
Your country must be able to withstand the same amount of missile damage as it inflicts, otherwise, you cannot fire missiles. For more security, inquire with your OPs. This is evaluated by missile tiers: if you can withstand the most destructive of T3, you can use any T3.

3.8.9 Your bunker must not be in wilderness.
It must be within the claims of your country unless you don't have one.

3.8.10 Anti-missile turrets must be placed on a support
This support must touch the ground and be roleplay (no dirt towers, for example). It is also forbidden to place them in a bunker.

3.9 Country traps

3.9.1 Prohibited traps
- A trap must not contain "use" type objects when clicked (crafting table on the sides, cauldron or furnace, barrier, and others).
- Any trap causing damage is prohibited (except fall damage).
- PvP must be fair within a trap, so "farm" traps are prohibited.

3.9.2 Trap dimensions
- A trap can have a maximum size of 16x16 blocks.
- Two traps must be at least 32 blocks apart.

3.9.3 Number of traps
The number of traps per country is limited,
This is linked to the "built area" detail of the architectural note ratings:
x0 or x0.5 > 0 traps, x1 > 2 traps, x1.5 > 4 traps, x2 > 8 traps.

3.9.4 Trap position
A trap can only be located within a country. They cannot be located in the Wilderness.

3.10 Country disband

3.10.1 Leader inactivity
If the leader and officers are inactive for a total duration of 14 days, the country will be dissolved by the UN. If the leader is the only inactive member, an officer can request to take over.

3.10.2 Country inactivity
If your country shows signs of inactivity (no wars, constructions, trade...) on the server for 1 month or more, you will be notified at your /f home and you will have 14 days to rectify before dissolution. Recurring inactivity may render the dissolution of the country irrevocable.

3.10.3 Minimum player count
Your country cannot drop below 6 members, otherwise, it will be dissolved by the UN. Note that this limit does not apply during the first 7 days of a country.

3.10.4 No /f home
If a country does not have a defined /f home for 2 consecutive weeks, the country may then be dissolved by the United Nations.

3.10.5 Absences
You must inform the Staff of your absences on the Forum (for example, vacations) to protect yourself from dissolution (Category Information > Absences).

3.10.6 Regeneration after dissolution
Following a disband, the moderation team may allow a few hours for resource pillaging before regenerating the area.


4.1 Roleplay scam is allowed
Understood here is that exploiting a bug within the scope of a scam is prohibited (such as exposed chest shops / hidden signs). It is also forbidden to store items in a chest shop.


5.1 It is forbidden to be located within the claims of your enemies without being in assault.
However, if you do not attract the attention of members of that country, no complaint can be filed against you.

5.2 Prohibited actions in combat
- Any type of teleportation in combat is forbidden.
- Claiming during combat is prohibited.
- As a reminder, any form of usebug (hitting through a door, passing through walls, etc.) is strictly forbidden.

5.3 Reasons for wars

5.3.1 Validity period
A reason for war or complaint is valid for a duration of 1 week after the incident (the only exception being retaliation, which is valid for 3 hours).

5.3.2 Reasons for war

Automatic reasons in the game:
- The murder of a country member in Wilderness.
- TPKill (dying at the hands of a player after teleportation), whether you teleport to someone or someone teleports to you. NOT ALLOWED ON NEW PLAYERS
- War of independence as a colony (only upon declaration of war by the Empire, not valid on Bedrock if a colony becomes Empire).
- Refusal to become a colony / non-response to the request within 24 hours.
- Colonial protection: Attacking the colony of an Empire (Only in the case of defense by the Empire against an external attack, not available if the war comes from a treaty)
- When a country is under power (The country has 48 hours once the request is posted to solve the under power problem).
- Retaliation: following ally offensive aid / This reason is valid only 3 hours after said aid!
- All countries above 500 MMR have a reason for war against other countries above 500 MMR.
- Empire Rivalry (only on the JAVA version): An Empire can request to go to war with another Empire simply to demonstrate its superiority.
- Revenge: If a country has recently lost a war against the targeted country (not available on BEDROCK).

Reasons to declare on the forum:
- Roleplay commercial scam of a country (including AH).
- Action scam: selling shares in order to recover money and disband afterwards (not available on BEDROCK).
- Roleplay provocation of a country.
- Territorial expansion of a country (excluding lunar territory). Clarification: If a country expands into your territory but you are not declared 100% built, you cannot declare war on them unless they start to overclaim your land (for example via war claim).
- Betrayal of a country or player, to the country (for example, pillaging the entire country, griefing the country before departure).
- Prolonged intrusion of more than one minute into a country (unless teleportation / invitation).
- In the event of an attack by a buffer country, the possibility of retaliation on the country of origin with staff validation.
- War follow-up: If a player gives a reason for war to a country and then changes countries, the war can be shifted (thus removed from the old one) to the new country up to 2 times. If the player in question is a recruit, it is possible to stop the war. Reasons for countries above 500 MMR, empire rivalry, territorial expansion, colony refusal, and under-power are excluded from this system and cannot be subject to war follow-up.
- Lending a T4: if a country has lent a T4 to one of your enemies and they have shot it at you.

5.3.3 Reasons for war on new countries
A reason for war obtained during the 2-day protection of a new country is not valid.

5.3.4 Colony theft
If 2 empires (or more) colonize a country at the same time, the colonized country chooses one empire's request and the other requests will be canceled. However, they can declare war between empires for colony theft.

5.3.5 Retroactivity of a colonial war
When a colony is no longer at war with a country X, the empire must also withdraw its war. Likewise for a country being decolonized by any means/agreement.

5.3.6 Wars triggered by recruits
If a war has been triggered by a recruit, the country can eject them within 1 week to stop the war, provided that they have not launched an offensive assault.

5.3.7 Start and validation of war
A war under declaration can only be started after a war request made and validated by the Staff (Java: on the forum | Bedrock: in-game).

5.4 Assaults

5.4.1 Assault Hindrance
It is strictly forbidden to intervene, observe an assault, or unclaim a country during an assault without joining that assault.

5.4.2 Deportation Assault
During an assault, it is strictly forbidden to PvP in countries other than the attacker or defender. A tolerance is granted in case of escape, provided that the escapee does not resume PvP in these claims.

5.4.3 Explosive Launch
Only members of the attacking and defending countries can use explosive means during an assault, in both directions. Countries in ally aid are not allowed to do so.

5.4.4 Assault Boost is Prohibited
It is forbidden to kill a double account in the enemy camp to influence the end of an assault. Furthermore, it is forbidden to arrange with an enemy member to "boost" the assault, or manipulate its outcome in any way.

5.4.5 Country Level Boost (/f s) is Prohibited
Kill boosting to increase and/or influence country level is not allowed.

5.4.6 Only one attempt to place a Nether portal per assault
You are only allowed one attempt to place a Nether portal per assault (for example, to access a bunker). If the placed portal is broken, spawning another portal in the same assault is illegal.

5.4.7 Continuity of PvP at the end of an assault
Once an assault is finished, if a fight is still ongoing, you may finish it without hindrance. However, it is forbidden for a person who was not part of the fight to join it, even if they participated in the assault.

5.5 Explosives

5.5.1 Missile Points
Missile sending is regulated through a points system at a minimum of 12 points per week (counting 7 days after the first point) and per war. This system is explained HERE.

5.5.2 Explosive Damage in Your Country
A country with explosion damage (missile, TNT, etc.) is not allowed to launch missiles. There is a 3-hour delay after the end of the assault, during which the country can continue to retaliate against missiles. The reply time for a TNT minecart is 24 hours.

5.5.3 Explosives and Buffer Countries
Non-built countries or buffer countries* requesting the firing of T4 on another country will automatically have their request denied. In general, a buffer country* is not authorized to launch a missile, regardless of its tier.

5.5.4 Number of TNT Minecarts
Sending TNT is regulated to 5 per day per country.

5.5.5 T4 Rules
- It is forbidden to leave/sell/change countries for the shooter for a period of 1 month after sending a T4.
- Shooting is prohibited for countries known as "buffers"*
- It is prohibited to launch a redmatter directly on an unesco but it is possible to unclaim/surclaim it afterwards.

5.5.6 Antimatter Rules
- Official request at the UN is mandatory.
- Prohibition on moving your bunkers/stuff (they must remain in your country) when making or receiving a request.
- Antimatter cannot be stolen or countered upon launch.
- Authorization for firing valid for 1 week.
- Launcher must be an officer or leader present in the country for a minimum of 14 days.
- Prohibition on filling the impact with water or lava.
- In the event of war against a buffer country, if it meets the necessary conditions for launching an Antimatter, then the missile can be fired at the mother country.
- [JAVA] In case a war includes the victory condition "Firing an antimatter," then the country making the request to the UN must fire its antimatter first.
- If acts of cheating preventing the firing of an Antimatter during the validity period of the firing authorization (1 week, excluding special cases) are observed by the staff, the latter reserves the right to force the assault and firing.

A "buffer country" refers to a country that, in any way, allows for the protection of the interests of other countries/players to protect themselves, especially from wars and their consequences. The distinction of this type of country is made by the Administrators.

Updated on: 20/05/2024

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