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The skills

Skills Overview

Skills, or "skills," are crucial for your progression in the game. Each skill has five levels, allowing you to unlock new ores, crafts, enchantments, and many other things. On Nationsglory, six skills are at your disposal, each offering unique improvements: Miner, Lumberjack, Farmer, Builder, Hunter, and Engineer. You can easily access them using the command /skills.

Builder Skill Interface

The 6 Skills:


The miner skill allows you to unlock new electric tools and collect exclusive resources, highly sought after by engineers for crafting missiles or space items.

To develop this skill, you can mine ores, craft armor from ores, and smelt ores.

Unlockable Advantages

Double loot (can go up to 100% double loot)
Haste Effect (can go up to 100% chance of haste effect)
Increased appearance rate of obscure ores (up to 0.50% chance)
Creation and use of the electric pickaxe


The lumberjack skill rewards wood farming with new electric tools and the ability to find millennium wood, a very rare and valuable resource.

To develop this skill, you can chop wood logs, craft planks, and use fertilizer on young tree saplings.

Unlockable Advantages

Double loot (up to 100% double loot)
Haste Effect (up to 100% chance of haste effect)
Appearance rate of millennium wood fibers (up to 0.50% chance)
Creation and use of the electric axe


The farmer skill progresses by cultivating cereals and plants. At higher levels, it offers benefits such as double loot and extended expiration dates.

To progress in this skill, you can harvest crops, make flour and bread, create GMOs, use fertilizer, and slaughter farm animals.

Unlockable Advantages

Double loot (up to 60% double loot)
Extended expiration date (100% increase)
Better yield for bread crafting
Unlocking new bread types (gingerbread and Tahde bread)
Advantages on the GMO machine (improved index on quantity)


The hunter skill progresses by killing mobs. By developing this skill, you will benefit from various advantages such as new enchantments, double loot/EXP.

To improve your hunter level, you must focus on eliminating mobs.

Unlockable Advantages

Double loot/EXP (up to 50% double loot/EXP)
Unlocking new enchantments
Increased mob spawner rate
Increased potion effects duration (up to 100% increase in potion duration)
Putrefied flesh no longer gives negative effects when consumed.

New Enchantments:

Aquatic Agility: This enchantment allows you to increase your speed in water.
Soul Agility: This enchantment allows you to increase your speed when walking on soul sand.
Disappearance Curse: This enchantment makes the item disappear permanently upon the player's death. This enchantment can only be applied to swords and armor.
Multiple Shot: This enchantment allows you to shoot 3 arrows at once.
Multiple Kill: It allows you to kill multiple mobs and collect all resources.


The builder skill rewards the millions of blocks needed for a country's build. The different tiers allow you to unlock new tools very useful for building as well as bonuses on the catalog.

To improve this skill, you can make purchases in the catalog, place or break blocks, validate UNESCO and Wonders.

Unlockable Advantages

Reduction on the catalog.
Use and creation of the electric shovel.
Use and creation of sticky boots.
Increased range for placing/breaking blocks.


The engineer skill is the most complex but also essential for your country. Engineers have access to new machines, missiles, systems, and are the only ones able to manufacture the space rocket.

To progress in this skill, you need to know how to manufacture and repair machines and vehicles, launch missiles, craft improvement circuits, and finally, set up a trading server.

Unlockable Advantages

Repair bonus
Increased precision when launching
Increased missile impact
Unlocking crafts: improved solar panel, composter, improved storage module, rocket launcher, industrial repairer, new missiles, and the space rocket.


A ranking is available for each skill, listing the top 50 players on the server as well as your ranking and the best inter-server player.

Skills Ranking Interface

Players in the Top 3 have visual distinctions such as a badge, hat, or banner above their heads.

Country Skills

Country Menu Skills Tab

In your country's interface, you can check all the statistics related to the skills of its members, rated on a scale of 10 in different branches. These directly impact the country, influencing its level and ratings. The "Skills" tab allows you to access member information, as well as rankings by country, players, and skills.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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