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The Warzones

Warzones Overview

The Warzones are three in number, strategically distributed on Earth. Each zone offers significant advantages to the nation that captures it.

An island with all the necessary equipment for oil exploitationAn island serving as a mining siteA large island where a ship has run aground
Power BonusExperience BonusMonetary Bonus
+1 power per minute, up to a maximum of 400. Note: A 5% reduction in the total bonus is applied each day.+0.25% skill experience per minute, up to a maximum of 50%. Note: A 10% reduction in the total bonus is applied each day.+$3,600 per hour with a maximum of $15,000

Joining a Warzone

To join a Warzone, simply type /warzone and select the one you're interested in.

However, this option is limited by your in-game rank (player, hero, legend, etc.).

Capture Process

To capture a Warzone in NationsGlory, you just need to be present at the unique capture point. Simply stay in place until the capture reaches 100%. The capture rate increases by X% per second (X being the number of players present in the zone).

It's important to note that if members of another country are also present at this point, the zone will be contested.

Warzone Rankings

The rankings allow you to see where you stand with your country on capturing the different warzones. These rankings are daily and weekly. They are displayed in the warzone interface available with /warzone.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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