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All you need to know about Mars

Mars: The Red Planet

Mars is the fourth planet in the solar system and the second stage of your space exploration.

There are many places to conquer in order to build a Martian base.

Discover Unique Elements on this Rocky Planet!

Caverns filled with vines:

Slime eggs, useful for decoration:

"Green" water filled with bacteria that can attack you:
Bacterial SludgeBacteria

Dungeons with new monsters
Three-headed CreeperSpawner AreaCreeper Egg (decorative)Reward Chest


Mars lacks an atmosphere. You'll need to equip yourself to breathe or hear environmental sounds.

Oxygen MaskBreathing
Frequency ModuleHearing sounds
Oxygen GearConnects mask to oxygen tanks
Light Oxygen TankOxygen reservoir - Quantity: 900
Medium Oxygen TankOxygen reservoir - Quantity: 1800
Heavy Oxygen TankOxygen reservoir - Quantity: 2700


You have access to a second Galacticraft inventory with your inventory key to place each item in its place.

Martian Ores

On the planet Mars, you can find various ores that will aid in your galaxy exploration.

OreMineableTypeDerived into ToolsDerived into WeaponDerived into ArmorStrengthInfo
IronYesto be SmeltedYesYesYes15/
TinYesto be SmeltedYesYesYes9Compressible
CopperYesto be SmeltedYesYesYes8/
Sulfur YesNoNoNoNo0X

Sulfur appears in Martian rock as obscure ore (a 1 in 500 chance to spawn).


CobblestoneMars Surface RockMars Sub-Surface RockMars Stone

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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