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All you need to know about the moon

The Moon: Your First Space Exploration

The Moon is the Earth's only natural satellite and the first space exploration you can undertake.

You can conquer areas of the planet to establish your base!

Due to its extended day duration and a 40% electricity bonus, it's recommended to focus your main area on electricity production.

Discover Unique Elements on the Moon!

Such as lunar villages:

Various plants:

And resources found in "Space Conquest: Lunar Resources - Java."

The Moon lacks an atmosphere. You'll need to equip yourself to breathe or hear environmental sounds.

How to Survive?

To survive on the Moon, you'll need specific equipment. It's craftable or available for purchase at the Adminshop.

Oxygen MaskBreathing
Frequency ModuleHearing sounds
Oxygen GearConnects mask to oxygen tanks
Light Oxygen TankOxygen reservoir - Quantity: 900
Medium Oxygen TankOxygen reservoir - Quantity: 1800
Heavy Oxygen TankOxygen reservoir - Quantity: 2700


You have access to a second Galacticraft inventory with your inventory key to place each item in its place.

Lunar Resources

Like all planets, the moon possesses different ores, some common, others rare.

OreMineableTypeDerived into ToolsDerived into WeaponDerived into ArmorStrengthInfo
Meteorite IronYesRawNoNoNo0/
TinYesto be SmeltedYesYesYes9Compressible
CopperYesto be SmeltedYesYesYes8/
Zirconium YesRawYesYesYes26X

Zirconium appears in lunar rock as obscure ore (a 1 in 10,000 chance to spawn).


Tiber is an essential resource to fully utilize all NationsGlory Galacticraft machines. To obtain it, you'll need to break meteorites:

Meteorites spawn within a 200-block radius of any player on the Moon (every 6 minutes) and Mars (every 3 minutes).
Once a meteorite is broken, you'll obtain raw meteoric iron and have a 10% chance of obtaining Tiber (shown in blue below):


Lunar GrassLunar Soil

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