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T4 Missile

Tier 4 Missiles

Tier 4 missiles are the most powerful missiles. Therefore, it is mandatory to request staff activation before firing them.

It is recommended to launch your missile using a Tier 3 platform.


Explosion Radius: 100-120 blocks
Effects: Irradiated zone for 1 month. + Significant loss of architectural points.
Information: Requires validation by the UN

You must be at "Military - 13" level to fire an AntiMatter and "Military - 14" to manufacture it.

General Characteristics of Antimatter Effects:

An active region for 1 month that will apply wither, poison, and nausea III effects to players who enter it.
A penalty of 3 points on the architectural score will be attributed to the country receiving the antimatter until the hole is COMPLETELY filled/planned (not just the surface) including during the month when the region is active.
The advantage of firing an antimatter is to deduct a country by a minimum of 3 points in architectural ratings per week for a minimum duration of 4 weeks. This can quickly lower the country's general ratings and create a "no man's land". A good portion of the territory is then amputated: an antimatter has a diameter ranging from 200 to 240 blocks.


The AntiMatter is outside the system: it is exceptional. The conditions put in place are also exceptional.
The firing of AntiMatter is monitored by staff. This missile, once fired, cannot be countered (including via anti-ballistic, turrets, etc.). Similarly, when an AntiMatter shot is being prepared, it is forbidden to steal it.
An authorization to fire an AntiMatter has a standard validity period of one week (from UN acceptance to the next UN). If acts of anti-play are committed, the staff reserves the right to force the shot at any time.

⚠ Specific Rules for Launching an Antimatter:

Specific rules for the shooter:

The launcher must be an officer or leader and have been present in the country for a minimum of 14 days.
Specific rule for the entire country:

Authorization to shoot at the opposing camp is automatically accepted.
The war must last a minimum of 2 weeks.
A significant number of T3 and T2 must be fired.
The build areas are significant or equivalent.
All equipment and bunkers must be present in the country (in case of non-compliance //cut of equipment that does not comply with the rule may be considered by the staff).
Once the request is submitted, it is forbidden to move equipment to protect it (//cut of equipment may be carried out in case of non-compliance). A redmatter does not require a request to the UN but staff must make checks, activate it, and monitor it nonetheless.


Explosion Radius: 30 blocks
Creates a black hole that absorbs everything in a small radius.
Power decrease of 4% every 10 seconds (recursively) for 3 minutes (excluding WarZone powerboost and UNESCO powerboost). Power is lost for 15 minutes. + 20% of the GDP (Bank of the country and money from the players of the country) is redistributed to the bank of the launching country, up to 1 million (the rest is cleared).
Unclaim of 8 chunks around the impact point (3x3) with the possibility of reclaim only after 15 minutes.
Information: Does not require validation by the UN but remains prohibited for so-called "buffer" countries, it must be activated by staff.

You must be at "Military - 14" level to fire a RedMatter and "Military - 15" to manufacture it.


Information about Tier 4

⚠ Specific rule for launching any T4:

The shooter must stay in the country once the T4 is launched for a period of 1 month. If this rule is not followed, a complaint for illegal missile may be considered by the server staff.


If a country has lent a T4 to one of your enemies and they have fired it at you, then you have a reason for war against the country that lent the T4.
T4 missiles are not blocked by assault capture zones.

Updated on: 22/03/2024

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