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Missiles Overview

Missiles are powerful and strategic weapons in Nationsglory. They can be launched during assaults and wars. Missiles are classified from tier 1 to tier 5 according to their level of danger and damage.

It's important to know some information before wanting to launch your first missiles:

Missile Points

Missiles can be fired at any time during an assault as long as the country has "missile points". If you don't have missile points, your missile won't take off.

You can see your number of missile points in the assault category in your country's menu.

Each country initially has 12 Missile Points. However, thanks to Research & Development, your country can increase this number up to 16 Missile Points:

Military CategoryBonus
Tier 5+1
Tier 13+1
Tier 16+1

General CategoryBonus
Tier 15+1

Crafting a Missile

To craft a missile, you need to have the required level in Research & Development. To do this, head to a crafting station and gather all the necessary materials, including warheads and missile blueprints.

Missile Blueprints

Missile blueprints are available at the admin shop on your server. They are essential for crafting missiles and are consumed with each craft.

Tier 1 Missile Blueprint$1,000Allows you to craft Tier 1 missiles
Tier 2 Missile Blueprint$5,000Allows you to craft Tier 2 missiles
Tier 3 Missile Blueprint$20,000Allows you to craft Tier 3 missiles
Tier 4 Missile Blueprint$1,000,000Allows you to craft Tier 4 missiles
Tier 5 Missile Blueprint$5,000,000Allows you to craft Tier 5 missiles


Warheads are essential for all missile crafting. You can craft them in the Crafting Station.

Tier 1 WarheadTier 2 WarheadTier 3 Warhead
Tier 1 WarheadTier 2 WarheadTier 3 Warhead

Launching a Missile:

To launch a missile, several conditions must be met: be at war with a country, be in assault against that same country, and have the required missile points (see codex)

Via Launch Platforms:

You need to load your missiles with fuel to be able to fire them from a launch platform. The amount of fuel required varies from 10 to 500 liters depending on the missile. To fill it, you need a fuel loader.

You need to be at Industry Tier 7 on Java, and 8 on Bedrock in Research & Development to craft a fuel loader.

Via a Rocket Launcher

With a durability of 100, the Rocket Launcher is craftable via the Crafting Station.
It allows you to fire all T1, T2 missiles, and the Thermobaric, all without requiring fuel.

You need to be at Military Tier 8 in Research & Development to use it and Tier 9 to craft it.

Rocket Launcher

Updated on: 22/03/2024

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