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How to earn money?

How to Make Money?

There are numerous ways to earn money in NationsGlory, here are some of them:

Use the ATM
Collect your country's rankings (leader only)
Create your shop (Shop) and sell items
Barter (Bartering)
Sell at the Auction House (AH)
Start your company (HERE)
Vote for NationsGlory (HERE)
Wage war (depends on victory conditions)
Sell agricultural resources
Claim the Boat Warzone
Launch a RedMatter T4

ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

There is an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) in every Server Capital (/spawn).

By clicking on it, an interface opens, displaying your recent playtime and asking you to choose between:
Collecting cosmetic orbs
Collecting money (dollars)
So, as you can see, the ATM is used to earn money or cosmetic orbs while being logged in, nothing more!

ATM Machine
ATM Interface

Note: Players who have purchased a rank from the store receive a boost in orbs or money earned per minute played.

Collecting your country's rankings (leader only)

As the country leader, you receive a weekly grant distributed based on several ranking criteria. Visit here to learn more!

The Chestshop

The shop is a major feature of NationsGlory: for trading within your country, at the Capital, or even for RolePlay. You can both sell and buy items.

How to sell?

To sell items on NationsGlory, you need to place a (double) chest and a sign above it. The chest will contain the items for sale, and the sign must be configured according to a specific pattern, detailed below.

For the sale, follow this pattern:
1st line: your username
2nd line: the quantity you want to sell
3rd line: write B (for buy) followed by the price
4th line: the item's identifier

In NationsGlory, to know the identifier of an item, you can use the command "/iteminfo" while holding the object. Then just fill your chest, advertise, and wait for buyers.

How to buy?

To sell items in NationsGlory, advertise and some players will come fill your chest in exchange for money. Make sure you have money on you and space in your chest.

Current Regulations

It is strictly forbidden to store items in chestshop chests, they should only be used for selling.
It is strictly forbidden to scam a player through chestshop (via exhibitor).
The sign of a chestshop must be clearly visible to the buyer.


Bartering is a secure way to exchange currency or in-game items!

To use it, you need to be close to your trading partner and use the command /trade (username). On their side, they will need to execute the same command.

Then, an interface will open up, allowing you to make the exchange:
On the left, deposit your items and the money to give.
Just below, you can see your trading partner's items and currency.
On the right, you can see your inventory.

When everything looks right to you, both of you just need to click "OK" and the trade will be completed!

If one of the two parties exits via Escape or disconnects, the trade is canceled.

The Auction house.

The auction house is a very important pillar of commerce on NationsGlory. Inside, you will find the opportunity to sell and buy items, but also to participate in auctions. Return all the information related to the auction house here.

Starting an enterprise

On NationsGlory, you have the opportunity to create more than a dozen different enterprises. If you manage your enterprise with expertise, it will bring you more or less money! However, it's important to note that starting an enterprise costs money. Therefore, it's not the best option if you're just starting the game. Find all the information about enterprises here!

Voting for NationsGlory

From the website or by using the command /vote, you have the opportunity to vote for the server! Regular voting can help you accumulate a lot of money/rewards. But beware, there are a few rules to discover here.

Waging Wars

If wars hold no more secrets for you, you're aware that certain wars allow you to earn a lot of money. However, it's not possible for you to wage war if you don't have a country yet! Discover all the specifics of wars here.

Taking the Boat Warzone!

This Warzone is the only one that allows you to earn money. But beware, you'll need good gear and allies! Find all the information about warzones here.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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