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The different types of enterprise

⚒️ Construction Company:

A company responsible for building various buildings or structures on demand. Clients are players or countries that need something built at a specific location and within a defined timeframe.
Contract Type: Standard

💡 Engineering Company:

A company specializing in the creation of complex systems on demand. Clients need traps, redstone systems, spawner rooms, electrical systems, etc.
Contract Type: Standard

⛏️ Terraforming Company:

A company responsible for major landscaping projects on behalf of players or countries. Contracts include tasks such as digging T4 holes, shaping mountains, clearing forests, etc.
Contract Type: Standard

📰 Journalism Company:

A company capable of fulfilling specific requests for staff or countries. Work includes creating reports, interviews, photo editing, trailers, or cinematics.
Contract Type: Standard

🎲 Casino Company:

A company whose goal is to offer gambling games to other players. Gambling games operate using redstone systems. The casino has a special panel that allows it to activate the circuit in exchange for dollars.
Random machine:

Allows or blocks a redstone signal based on a configured percentage in the machine interface (shown below).

The dice

Displays a random value each time it receives a redstone signal.

Panel creation:

Line 1: [casino]
Line 2: Casino name
Line 3: Price: amount
Line 4: Optional

It's also possible to automatically reward money with another panel reserved for casinos. On the purchase panel (explained above), specify a game name on the last line, for example, "random4". To award a sum to a player, place another panel with the following configuration:

Line 1: [Casino2]
Line 2: Company name
Line 3: Amount to give
Line 4: Name to link with a [Casino] panel

Contract Type: None, this company has a panel that allows them to activate a redstone signal for money.

⚔️ Combat Company:

A company specializing in PvP and specifically assault assistance. During an assault, a country can commission a PvP company to receive support. Company employees then come to fight its enemies.

Everything is automated and linked to country and assault systems. Once the contract starts, company employees can see the scoreboard, attack opponents, earn points, and cause them to lose points.

Contract Type: Automated. When a player is in assault, they can commission the company, the assault is automatically detected, and the player must then enter the price and success condition (victory or simple participation). Once the contract is accepted, it is the result of the assault that validates or rejects it.

💲Money Lending Company:

A company whose sole mission is to lend money to its clients. The lent sum and interests must be repaid within the specified time. Everything is secured through contracts.


Everything is automated, from creation after making a contract, to closing the loan, including disputes and repayments.
To secure loans, two types of guarantees exist: Pawned items or designation of a guarantor:
Pawned items: When creating the contract, items are seized, they will compensate the company in case of dispute or will be returned to the player at the end of the loan.

Guarantor: The guarantor must sign the contract before the company accepts it and deposit 50% of the loan amount as a deposit, which will be used in case of dispute or returned at the end of the loan. For a loan via guarantor, there is an additional step before loan acceptance, the guarantor must sign the contract.

If the loan is not repaid on time, the company can declare a dispute from the interface:
- Pawned items: The items are given to the company.
- Guarantor: The missing amount is deducted from the client, then the guarantor, and finally from the deposit paid by the guarantor at signing.

Maximum one loan per player (inter-company)
Max $1,000,000
Max $25,000 if playtime is less than 25h
- In case of dispute or abuse, the client is banned from loans until further notice

Contract Type: Specific. The client must indicate the amount, duration, interest rate, and type of guarantee they propose.

🏢 Real Estate Company:

The company manages real estate and commerce through rentals or buying/selling. These companies can create plots in countries but also buy plots in the Capital.

Contract Type: None. Real estate agencies are the only ones able to create parcel panels and buy staff plots in the Capital. A specific tab in the company menu allows managing its plots, rentals, etc.

Plots in the Capital:

Plots are available in the capital and can only be purchased by real estate companies. To buy a plot, simply click on the panel. Once purchased, it can be rented to other companies/players or resold to another real estate company.

Important Information:

- It's possible to define plots in a country. You must have the "Locations" permission in the country concerned.
- Rents paid in advance by the client are not directly credited to the company's account, they are credited every night when calculating the rental time.
- In case of plot deletion with an active tenant, they are automatically refunded the advanced rents.
- Renting a plot and deleting it to recover the content left by the tenant is prohibited. This cheating is punished with the company's removal and individual sanctions for the directors.

Plot Configuration:

To create a plot, use the "Boundary Axe" tool found in the catalog.
1) With this axe, define two opposite points by left-clicking and then right-clicking.
2) Type the command /selection save to save your selection (it's not a plot yet).
3) Place a panel and follow the model below:


Updated on: 22/03/2024

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