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What is a company?

A company is an organization independent of countries, composed of one or more players. The goal of the company is to generate maximum profit. The company is divided into several roles to optimize management: CEO, Executive, and Employee.

The cost of creating a company is $15,000 but the price increases with each new company. The number of allowed companies is defined by your rank:
- Ranked player: 1 company
- Ranked hero: 2 companies
- Ranked legend: 3 companies

There are different types of companies with different contracts. Each of them is explained in different categories.

What are the company commands?

- /e : Display the menu of an enterprise
- /e e : Show the enterprises of a player
- /e list : Display the list of enterprises
- /e create : Open the enterprise creation menu
- /e invite : Invite a player to join an enterprise
- /e join : Join an enterprise
- /e leave : Leave an enterprise
- /e setqg : Set the headquarters position of an enterprise
- /e kick : Exclude a player from an enterprise
- /rent : Validate the rental of a plot, specifying whether it is for personal or enterprise use.

Important Information: When a CEO is inactive for more than 14 days, the leadership of the company is transferred to the first officer (active in the last 14 days). If no officers are available in the company, it is disbanded.

What is a contract?

When a player needs a service that can be provided by a company, they can commission it by drafting a contract.
The form of the contract depends on the type of company.

▶ Here is the most standard case: the client simply needs to explain their request, define a price, and a deadline.

▶ Once the contract is sent, the company must then validate it (or not) in its contract management page.

▶ The contract is then activated and the mission must be completed before the agreed deadline, otherwise the client will be entitled to declare a dispute.

Important Information:

- When a contract is signed, the money is deducted from the client, but is not credited to the company; it is held in escrow and will either be given to the company upon successful completion, or returned to the client if they cancel the contract or declare a dispute.
- Once the company has validated the contract, the client cannot cancel it anymore, and the possible outcomes are: dispute declared by the client, dispute declared by the company, or client validation.
- When a dispute is declared, the declarant must write a complaint on the forum explaining what happened and clearly mentioning the contract concerned so that the staff, lawyers, or police can intervene.

Updated on: 22/03/2024

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