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Animal breeding

▶ Advanced Animal Husbandry

In NationsGlory, you can engage in advanced animal husbandry. The resources obtained are notably used in the crafting of highly sought-after bread for PvP. The animals concerned by this new system are cows, pigs, and chickens.

How to Start Your Livestock?

To feed an animal in an enclosure, you must have a grain feeder and a water dispenser nearby. The animal must be able to eat and drink.

Frequently fill the dispenser with water and the grain feeder with cereals: all raised animals must be kept in good conditions.
It is necessary to have 2 cereals out of the 3 presented above the animal (1 cereal per feeder): if this is not the case, the animal will be accustomed to eating the same cereal, and this will not increase its maturity percentage.

To fill your water dispenser, you can right-click with water buckets: this will only fill 1% of the reservoir per water bucket, which can be time-consuming. It is better to prefer the use of the liquid tank, which is a tractor trailer.
For your grain feeder, you can right-click on it with cereals in your hands to fill it (64 cereals = 10%). To transport more cereals, do not hesitate to use the grain trailer, which is a tractor trailer.

Water DispenserGrain Feeder

How to Raise an Animal?

• All cows, all pigs, and all chickens are initially considered "natural": they are classic Minecraft animals.
To turn the animal into a breeding animal, you must feed it at least once. Once fed, a customized bar appears above the animal: it indicates its evolution and the cereals it can eat.


• Every minute, the animal tries to feed and hydrate itself. If successful, it gains 5% maturity, if it fails due to lack of cereals or water, it loses hit points.
When the animal tries to feed, manure may appear behind it. This manure can be used as fertilizer by using a fertilizer spreader on your crops.

• Once the animal reaches 100% maturity, when you kill it, you obtain resources specific to the killed animal, which can be used in bread crafting.

AnimalResource specific to the breeding systemVisual
CowMatured ribeye
PigMatured pork chop
ChickenChicken thigh

Updated on: 25/03/2024

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