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The Breads

▶ What is it?

Breads are consumables. Depending on the complexity of their production, they can simply serve as food or act as an enhanced potion.

Indeed, some breads provide one (or several) potion effect(s), or even introduce new effects. Some breads are widely used in PvP, for example, as they can rival the effects of an energy drink, for instance.

▶ Production

The production of bread requires several resources, and their rarity depends mainly on the effects that the bread being produced will provide. For example, a bread used as food will not require much. A bread used in PvP, on the other hand, will require flour, GMOs, and resources from animal husbandry.

The main resource for bread is flour. To make 1 flour, you need to put 3 cereals in a flour machine, powered by electricity.


You must be at level "Resource - 13" to craft the flour machine.

To make bread, you must first craft a bread machine and power it with electricity. You can then right-click on it to display the list of breads that can be made. You will then see the list of their ingredients on the right side of the interface. Once you have gathered all the necessary ingredients, press the "Cook" button. Note that some breads are crafted individually, while others are crafted in multiples (e.g., 4).


▶ Available Breads

Name + VisualInformationCraft
Barley Bread+4 saturation
Vegetal Bread+5 saturationxx
Consistent Bread+6 saturation
Protein Bread+4 saturation / +2 heal (2 half heart) / Swiftness/Haste I - 20s
Gre Bread+6 saturation /+3 heal (3 half heart) / Regeneration II - 5s
Bloody Bread+4 saturation / Power Steal I - 1m
Golden Bread+6 saturation /+4 heal (4 half heart) / Absorption I - 30s / Last Stand I - 30s
Energizing Bread+4 heal (4 half heart) / Strength II - 2m / Speed II - 2m / Regeneration II - 30s / Absorption I - 2m / Power Steal II - 1m
GingerbreadCures and immunizes from the "Contagion" effect (T2 missile) - 2m+ 2 water flasks
Tahde BreadIncreases the chances of finding obscure minerals - 5m+ 2 water flasks

Updated on: 25/03/2024

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