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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

▶ Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Among the 10 cereals in NationsGlory, 3 of them are GMOs (genetically modified organisms). These are Fonio, Sorgho, and Kamut. GMO seeds cannot be found in nature. To obtain them, you must conduct research to attempt to manufacture them using the GMO machine.

You must be at level "Industry - 10" to craft the machine.

• To conduct research, go to the GMO machine. Select the desired GMO cereal seed and then add the ingredients to the crafting area on the right. For the first attempt, you must put ingredients totally at random. Then click the "Craft" button.

• When the research fails, the machine gives you the percentage of ingredients you used, which are also in the correct craft.

• It also gives you a clue about one of the incorrect ingredients, either on the type of ingredient itself or its quantity because indeed, it is possible that the research may require, for example, 5 vines in the same slot.

• As you may have understood: crafting a GMO seed requires 9 different ingredients and different quantities. You must find the recipe using the clues given by the machine after each failure (knowing that the ingredients are consumed even in case of failure). Here, for example, thanks to the clue, we can imagine that we will need between 61 and 64 bamboos, since the bamboo could correspond to the clue we were given, namely "Vegetable in the shape of a stick".

• When you succeed in finding the recipe for a GMO seed, hurry to craft it because the recipe will evolve (completely change) as soon as 2,000 seeds have been crafted, so that GMOs remain fairly rare.

• Also note that growing GMOs will give you the corresponding cereal but will not give you seeds, unlike wheat, for example.
You can see where other players are in the search for the recipe for each GMO seed in the vertical bar on the right, in the GMO machine.

Updated on: 25/03/2024

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