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Eco, meteor and alloy

Certain resources are more challenging to obtain than others. Let's delve into the production of eco, obtaining meteorites, and crafting alloy!

1 - Eco Production

To manufacture eco, you first need to equip yourself with an ecotron.

Attention: This machine has an overheating bar. If the machine is used for too long, it will explode! ⚠️


Next, you need to introduce armor pieces or tools that are not of "vanilla" type into the ecotron. The most commonly used items are prototype armors or the Aether Sword. The machine will gradually consume the durability of the armor or tool until it reaches 0, then convert it into raw eco.

Raw Eco

The last step to obtain an eco ingot is to cook the raw eco. You will then obtain this famous eco ingot.

Eco Ingot

2 - Obtaining Meteorites

Meteorites are elements used to craft certain machines. You must first find a meteorite on Earth. A meteorite appears near a randomly chosen player, once every 4 hours or so. By mining it, you will obtain a meteorite.


If you wish, you can then transform this meteorite into meteorite fragment.

Meteorite Fragment

To obtain this meteorite fragment, you must use a crusher! But beware, your meteorite only has a 5% chance of turning into a meteorite fragment!


3 - Alloy Fabrication

To obtain alloy, nothing could be simpler. Place your armor in a crusher and let it run. You will then obtain an alloy ingot.

Alloy Ingot

Updated on: 25/03/2024

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