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The Pump

The pump allows you to remove water within a radius of 4 blocks. However, you can only place blocks within a radius of 3 blocks during the machine's operation, due to the water retaining walls. Pumping water also allows you to collect salt.

The Collector

The collector digs sand and dirt within a radius of 5 blocks around it. It then transforms it into either sand or clay.

The potion machine and Printers

The potion machine allows you to craft potions automatically. Each potion will require having the necessary ingredients available in the machine. It's worth noting that, to craft potions, you should use empty bottles instead of water bottles.
Potion Machine

Printers enable you to create new books from existing ones. To do this, you'll need the book you want to reprint, a blank book, and printer cartridges.

To retrieve the potions or printed books, simply place a chest below the machine, like this!
Chest Placement

The incubator

There are different ways to spawn creatures on NationsGlory. One of them is to use an incubator, or an fish incubator.

The incubator allows you to spawn the creatures of your choice. To do this, simply place the egg of the creature you want to spawn and power the machine with electricity. The creatures will spawn to the north of the incubator.

Attention: This machine has an overheating bar. If the machine is used for too long, it will explode! ⚠️

The fish incubator allows you to spawn fish. You'll need to power it with kelp blocks and electricity.
Fish Incubator

However, you'll need to place the fish incubator in water, like this:
Fish Incubator Top View

Updated on: 25/03/2024

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