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Setting up a Nuclear reactor

Setting up a Nuclear Reactor

You're ready to start building your nuclear reactor, which will provide you with a considerable amount of electricity to power all your machines at once!

How to Build It?

To construct it, you have the choice between two different types of reactor structure blocks and a terminal.


It's essential to follow the shape indicated in the visuals below.

Profile ViewTop View
Profile ViewTop View

When you look at your terminal, you can verify if your structure is valid.Terminal Structure

In the center of the structure, you'll need to place the core of the machine.Core Placement

How to Manage Temperature?

Ensure to maintain its temperature before starting it. Otherwise, there's a risk of explosion.

There are two cooling options: turbines with a nuclear chimney.

Nuclear Chimney:

You need to build a chimney that is 5 blocks wide and 12 blocks tall with chimney structures.
Nuclear Chimney.

Inside, at the bottom, you'll need to place the nuclear chimney connected to your reactor via nuclear connections.
Inside View

You can control the temperature in the Terminal.

Temperature Control
Temperature Settings

How to Start It?

At a high level of the starter, the core will produce more heat, leading to an increased need for turbines.

To start it, you'll need a starter. There are 3 different tiers:

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Tier 1 StarterTier 2 StarterTier 3 Starter

You'll need to place it in the top right corner of your terminal.

Updated on: 25/03/2024

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