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Machine: Durability, repair and upgrading

▶ What is Durability?

Most electrical machines have durability, which starts at 100% when installed and decreases with use. Durability decreases when the machine is powered and activated to perform tasks such as crafting items, repairs, pumping, or generating power.
When a machine is not repaired and reaches 0% durability, it becomes much less efficient. For example, machines requiring a loading cycle to craft items or perform actions will do so more slowly, and machines generating electricity will produce much less.
To check if a machine is affected by durability and to know its state, simply display block information by pressing the "zero" key on the numeric keypad (which is adjustable in the options under "Block Info").

How Do We Repair Our Machines?

It is possible to repair machines in your country without having a company.
Attention: Only players who are members of a repair company can craft gears and repair machines in other countries. ⚠️
Repairing a machine involves three steps:
1 - Crafting a repair key, capable of performing 2000 repairs.
2 - Crafting gears using a gear assembler. There are 9 types of gears that are crafted from an ore ingot and an eco ingot.
Gear Assembler
3 - Place the gears in your inventory, then use the repair key to strike the machine you want to repair.

Here is the List of Gears:

Ore to Combine with EcoRepair Points of the Obtained Gear
Tin2 points
Copper2 points
Aluminium3 points
Mythril5 points
Argonite5 points
Malachite8 points
Alloy (obtainable by breaking equipment via a crusher)8 points
Adamantium12 points
Desh15 points

To automatically repair all machines in the same chunk, you can use an industrial repairer. Simply power it with energy and gears, and it will automatically take care of repairing the durability of your machines.
Industrial Repairer

Your tools and armor lose durability as you use them or take hits. You can repair them using a repairer.
Attention: This machine has an overheating bar. If the machine is used for too long, it will explode! ⚠️


How to Improve Your Machines?

Upgrade circuits allow you to enhance the overall performance of your machines. Each machine is compatible with certain types of circuits. You can know this compatibility by hovering the cursor over the space reserved for the circuits.

How to view circuit compatibility with a machine

Here are all the available upgrade circuits:

U400Increases the heating time by 20% but also increases electrical consumption by 5%.
U410The machine will generate a redstone signal when the heat reaches 70%.
U420Reduces electrical consumption by 10%.
U430Increases machine production by 20%.
U440Increases production speed by 30% but also increases electrical consumption by 10%.
U450You have a 20% chance of double loot, but electrical consumption increases by 10%.
U460Increases durability by 20%.

You can also merge upgrade circuits so that their effects accumulate. To do this, you will need a Circuit Assembler and advance to Tier 1 of the Engineer skill.

Circuit Assembler

Updated on: 25/03/2024

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