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Research & Development: Main Information

Within your country, you will have various research tasks to undertake in the country menu to develop yourself.


Research & Development Tab

In NationsGlory, there are 5 research domains:

Domains | Tier | Description |
--- | --- | --- |
General | 15 tiers | It allows you to improve the members and bonuses of your country |
Military | 16 tiers | It allows you to start and successfully conduct your military conquest |
Resource | 15 tiers | It allows you to evolve in construction and agriculture |
Industry | 12 tiers | It allows you to evolve in the technological development of your country, aiming for the stars |
Technology | 7 tiers | It allows you to visit Edora. You must have finished the Industry tiers before you can start trading |


List of researches

Each tier can be reached by fulfilling the required conditions. Once completed, you can launch the corresponding research, which will take some time (the higher the tier, the longer the research will take).

To validate the "collection" conditions (Enderpearl, diamonds...), hover your cursor over the small cross while having what is required in your inventory (see screenshot below).

Validation of collection conditions
While a research is in progress, it is impossible to launch another one, regardless of the domain.

At the end of the research, you will receive the indicated rewards.

Updated on: 22/03/2024

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