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πŸ‘©β€πŸ« What is "Power"?

"Power" is a value associated with each player, fluctuating based on various parameters. It can increase or decrease and plays a crucial role in a country's ability to acquire or maintain territories, also known as "claims" (one claim = one chunk). Each claim of a country consumes 1 unit of power.

To optimize your recruitment chances, it is advised to maintain your power as close as possible to its maximum value. Indeed, the goal for a country leader is to recruit players to provide power, thereby allowing the country to expand territorially.

Attention It is also possible to lose power. Therefore, it is recommended for a country leader to maintain a margin between the power used (number of claims) and the total power: if you don't have enough power to maintain your territories, any player can take them from you.

Example: The French Empire has a total of 126 power, allowing it to claim 126 chunks. If a player loses 3 power units, bringing the country's total to 123, while the country owns 126 chunks, there will be 3 excess chunks that could be taken by any player, with the possibility of looting the resources therein.

πŸ“Š Individual Power

The evolution of power for each player is quite simple:

Player's Power:
- Increases by 1 every 10 minutes of gameplay
- Decreases by 3 each time the player dies
- Decreases by 1 per week after 60 days of inactivity

There is a maximum power that each player cannot exceed. By default, this maximum is 25. This means that once you reach 25/25 power, you can no longer recover it. This maximum can be increased by acquiring badges (in-game achievements) or shop ranks (+5 for heroes, +15 for legends, +30 for premiums).

Likewise, it is not possible for a player's power to fall below -5. Attention, this is negative power. This means that if a country recruits a player with -5 power, the country will lose power and, for example, go from a total of 126 power to 121.
To find out how much power you bring to your country, type /f p [username].

πŸ—ΊοΈ Country Power

As explained above, a country cannot possess more claims than the number of power it currently has. To know the total amount of power accessible for a country, simply type /f f [country].

Power corresponds to the number of claims the country can possess (here 2134). The max power (shown after the "/", here 3198) corresponds to the amount of power the country could have if all players in the country had their maximum power. These 2 values have an impact on the country level and military score ratings.

A country's power is not only calculated based on the power possessed by its members. Other factors are taken into account:
- Possession of the "Petroleum" WarZone can positively impact the total power (see: WarZone Petrol).
- Possession of a UNESCO (+200 power).
- Wars can positively or negatively impact the total power (see: Wars).
- Being hit by a redmatter shot (T4) negatively impacts the total power (see: T4 Missiles).

When a player has not logged in for more than 60 days, they lose 1 power every Monday. Once the player reaches negative power (only through this system), they are automatically kicked out of the country to avoid penalizing you.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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