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The Assault

Assaults, along with WarZones, are one of the main sources of PvP on NationsGlory.

🚨 Initiating an Assault

To initiate an assault, you must meet the following conditions:
- You must be at war with the country you wish to assault.
(To learn more about how to declare war on a country, please refer to the dedicated War article)
- You must not have conducted an assault on this country in the last 2 hours.
(Assaults cannot be carried out on the same country within 2 hours, unless it counterattacks, in which case, you can launch another assault without waiting for the 2-hour delay.)
- There are at least 2 people online in the country you want to assault, including 1 with at least the Member rank.
- Your country's assigned rank grants you the "Assault" permission.

Assault Conditions

Once all these conditions are met, you simply need to launch the assault by typing the command /f assaut [country].
Once the assault is launched, a small interface should appear at the top of your screen. This will be explained later in the section regarding the course of an assault. A message should also appear in the chat.

🤝 Assisting Allies

To offer assistance to a country under assault or launching an assault, an ally with the "Join assault" permission simply needs to type the command /f assaut join [country], replacing [country] with the name of the country to assist. A message should then appear in the chat.

The country being assisted must then accept the offered assistance by typing the command /f assaut accept [country], replacing [country] with the name of the country offering assistance. A message should then appear in the chat.

Note: An ally must wait for the assistance offered by their country to be accepted before legally entering the attacked territory. Otherwise, they risk a fine for "assault hindrance."

It is impossible to offer assistance to an ally who has already exceeded 80 points during the assault.

⚔️ Course of an Assault

🔢 Phases

Assaults are rhythmic and divided into several phases:
Preparation Phase (3 minutes): PvP and missiles are disabled, both countries are notified of the assault's start, and they prepare.
Combat Phase 1 (15 minutes): PvP and missiles are enabled, and a capture zone appears in the defending country.
Transition Phase (5 minutes): PvP and missiles are enabled, but the previous capture zone disappears.
Combat Phase 2 (10 minutes): PvP and missiles are enabled, and a capture zone appears in the attacking country.

Changes in phases are indicated in the chat by messages

🏴‍☠️ Capture Zone

The capture zone is the main point of interest during an assault. It measures 20 blocks x 20 blocks and awards up to 8 points per minute to the country that controls it.
To control the zone, one simply needs to be inside it. When a team is twice as numerous in the zone as the opposing team, points are awarded to them. To score the maximum points in the assault, one must therefore position oneself in the zone and try to kill opponents or expel them from the capture zone.

Capture Zone

This zone appears randomly in the country's claims but cannot spawn in water (except for countries with islands).
It is not possible to build or launch missiles within a radius of 28 blocks all around the center of the capture zone. Players inside the zone are also immune to firearms. The damage reduction of 30% for a player within their claims decreases to 15% when they are in the capture zone.

💯 Points

To win an assault, one of the 2 camps must reach a score of 100 points. If, after the 4 phases, neither camp has reached 100 points, then the camp with the highest score wins.

The point system is as follows:

Action ExecutedPoints Awarded
Control the capture zone for 1 minute+8
Kill an enemy+5
Fire a T3 missile+3
Fire a T2 missile+2
Fire a T1 missile+1

The score, coordinates of the capture zone, and the number of accepted allied aids for each camp are directly displayed in the interface at the top of your screen.

Points Interface

When one of the two camps wins the assault, the following interface then appears in the middle of the screen of each participant (including allied aid), showing a summary of the assault.

The winning country then earns 1 victory and 25 MMR (added to the country's /f s), and the countries that helped each earn 5 MMR. Conversely, the losing country is assigned 1 defeat and loses 25 MMR, the countries that helped also lose 5 MMR.

Assault Victory

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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