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Notations: The Ranking System of Countries

Notations serve as the primary ranking system for countries. Each week, countries are ranked based on several criteria. Depending on their ranking, countries receive a varying amount of money when the notations are published on Mondays.

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Various Criteria

- Overall Activity: Adds or subtracts 5 points if half of your country's members are active/inactive.

- Management: Depends on the number of members, recruitments, and relations of your country.

- Skills: Depends on the skills of your country's members.

- Economy: Depends on the money in your country's bank, your country's GDP, and the fluctuation of money coming from your country.

- Military: Depends on launched missiles, assaults conducted, the difference between your power and your MaxPower, and the Empire title.

- Possession of Antimatter/Redmatter/Rocket: You must have them in your country's chest.

- Possession of UNESCO.

- Architecture.

Architectural Score

This score is awarded by the SuperModo/Admins of the server who visit your country on Saturdays or Sundays.

It's important to have signs at your /f home with the coordinates of your recent constructions.

Example of Notation Panel

- Style Consistency: Architectural style is uniform or well-defined.

- Bonuses: The country has roads, lighting, and vegetation.

- Activity: Points decrease with each inactive week.

- Modded Blocks: Presence of Chisel, Westeros blocks...

- Missile Holes: Attribute negative points.

- Houses: Presence of a roof & a door (on all houses).

- Houses: Presence of a floor (on all houses).

- Houses: Presence of furniture (on all houses).

- Consistent Style with Biome (no igloos in the desert).

- Absence of Flying/Abandoned Buildings.

- Terraforming (must be realistic & filled).

- Overall Aesthetics.

Built Surface (this is a coefficient that multiplies the overall score and determines the maximum number of traps...).

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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