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Gas Extraction

You can only collect gas on Earth and on Edora.

On Earth:

The world is divided into different zones (like oil), and each zone has its percentage of recoverable gas.

On Edora:

A specific percentage of gas is present in the world.

Gas Extractor

It needs to be powered by electricity and produces uncompressed gas.
Gas Extractor

Gas Pipes

Gray: Uncompressed
Copper: Compressed
Gas Pipes
Caution, breaking full copper pipes could cause everything to explode.

Gas Compressor

Allows the conversion of uncompressed gas into compressed gas.

Caution, breaking it while there's gas inside could cause everything to explode.

Gas Tank

Allows storage of compressed gas and filling of gas bottles.

Gas Switch

Works the same way as an electrical switch.

You can also collect Gas using Neblions found on Edora

Gas Collector

Collects gases produced by Neblions and produces uncompressed gas.

Updated on: 25/03/2024

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