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How to produce oxygen

Oxygen is important if you want to travel to space! Different machines will help you survive.

The oxygen collector allows you to gather oxygen by placing it on Earth or surrounding it with tree leaves within a 5-block radius in space.
Oxygen Collector

You can then choose to send this oxygen to different machines. For this, you'll need oxygen pipes.
Oxygen Pipe

If you want to store your oxygen, you can use an oxygen storage. It can accumulate up to 60,000 units of oxygen. Its maximum output speed is 2,000 oxygen/s.
Oxygen Storage

You can also put this oxygen into bottles. For this, you'll need an oxygen compressor.
Oxygen Compressor

You can reverse this process by placing your full bottles in an oxygen decompressor.
Oxygen Decompressor

The oxygen distributor allows you to create an oxygen bubble to breathe in without worry.
Oxygen Distributor

But if you don't like seeing the bubble appear and prefer to simply fill your base with air, then you'll need to use the oxygen sealer. Note that you may need multiple oxygen sealers to supply a room, depending on its size, and also to seal all the holes.
Oxygen Sealer

To seal these holes, you have several methods. Firstly, to seal cable holes, you'll need to use sealed cables. Each cable has its sealed version.
Sealed Cables

Regular doors won't work. For this, you'll need to use an airlock. It consists of an airlock controller and airlock blocks. Here's an example layout, but you can choose the size you want for yours:

Updated on: 25/03/2024

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