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Oil and petrol

Fuel is a crucial energy source for operating your missiles, vehicles, or even your rocket!

Just like with electricity, oil and fuel machines have pipe inputs and outputs. Green represents the input, and red represents the output.

Representation of oil or fuel input and output

To begin, you must produce oil! Install an oil pump:

Oil Pump

Each pump is connected to a geographical area divided by continents. Each geographical area has its own oil stock and its own efficiency. If a region's stocks reach 0, you can no longer pump anything. But don't worry, the oil stock increases every 12 hours.

Geographical area map

Then, you'll need to store your oil. For this, use a tank! The tank can also store fuel, but you cannot store both liquids in the same tank.


Set it to Fill mode to absorb oil. If you want to release it, switch the tank to Empty mode.

Fill mode | Empty mode |
--- | --- |
Fill mode | Empty mode |

To move your oil or fuel, you'll need pipes. So, there are oil pipes and fuel pipes.

Oil and fuel pipes

To convert oil into fuel, you must supply oil and electricity to a refinery. A refinery can transform up to 10L/min.


You can also turn cereals into fuel using the bio-generator. It consumes one cereal per second and produces 3L/min of oil. Just right-click the bio-generator with cereals in hand to assign them.


You can fill your vehicles with fuel. Inject fuel into a fuel pump, then fill your vehicles on top.

Fuel Pump

You can also fill your missiles or rocket with fuel using a fuel charger. Place your missiles inside it and supply it with fuel. It will fill them gradually.

Fuel Charger

Finally, you can transform your oil into rubber. For this, you'll need a rubberizer. Connect it to an oil source, and it will automatically produce rubber for you, consuming 10L/min of oil.


Updated on: 25/03/2024

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