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What does it take to build a nuclear power station?

Setting up a Nuclear Power Plant

The nuclear power plant will allow you to create nuclear energy, which in turn will power certain machines capable of producing electrical energy. Before starting the construction of your plant, here's what you need to do:

Obtain Uranium

Uranium is one of the most complex ores, requiring intensive processing and considerable resources to obtain the final product.

Uranium can only be found on Edora. Once located, you can mine it only with an electric pickaxe! Remember that it's imperative to reach level 3 in the miner skill to use the electric pickaxe.

Uranium comes in two types:

- Uranium 235, used to power your nuclear reactor with a nuclear chamber.
- Uranium 238, used in the production of nuclear missiles.

When processing uranium, you have only a 5% chance of obtaining uranium 238, compared to a 95% chance of obtaining 235.

Processing uranium requires the use of numerous machines, as well as different ores such as sulfur or zirconium (ores that are not found on Edora).

Processing Uranium Powder

Uranium Processing

Storing Uranium in a Nuclear Chamber

Nuclear Chamber

When you right-click with uranium 235 bars on your nuclear chamber, you'll increase the "Uranium" part of your nuclear reactor's terminal.

Cooling Your Nuclear Reactor

You need to plan a cooling system with a liquid nitrogen generator. It must be powered by electricity and gas.

Liquid Nitrogen Generator

This will fill the Nitrogen part of the nuclear reactor terminal.Nitrogen

You also need nuclear structure blocks and a terminal.
Learn how to create the structure HERE

- Finally, you must also connect all your machines together using a nuclear connection.
Nuclear Connection

Updated on: 25/03/2024

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